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  • Reduce Customer Queues

    Long lines are bad for any retail business. Especially long line at a store’s checkout area can turn away some customers from making a purchase, or aggravate other customers making them less likely to come back. Using I Love Velvet’s mobile point-of-sales solution iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and/or iPhone creates the ability to line-bust and assist with making a purchase.

    eReceipts = Being GREEN

    eReceipts help retailers join or start their “go green” initiatives, and also provide a more convenient methods of receipts for customers. eReceipts quickly provide customers with proof of transaction without having to print anything – saving paper (and your overhead expenses) while also being green.

    Free Up Valuable Floor Space

    Implementing I Love Velvet’s mPOS can help the retailers take back valuable floor space that currently is being used by traditional cash registers. Since transactions can happen anywhere inside the retail space; retailers can free up space taken by returns or customer service counter.

  • Increased Sales

    First of all, we create high quality themes. But we dont stop there, because we know that technology is changing rapidly and we need to keep up with the technology so we evolve the theme. We debug the bugs(well…it’s a must) & make the theme compatible with latest technology.

    Customer Engagement

    While customers are on their way to the POS, they have the opportunity to abandon the sale. They may change their mind, decide to look for better pricing or find a long checkout line daunting. Associates equipped with an I Love Velvet mPOS solution can process payment right at the ‘point of decision’, the opportunity to lose the sale during the trip to the checkout lane is eliminated

    Access More Customers

    We believe great product comes with great documentation. We really don’t want the user to feel lost, we want the user understand clearly about how to use our product. And the key is by creating a clear and understandable documentation; so even a new user doesn’t feel lost.

Accept payments wherever business takes you. Go beyond your four walls for an outdoor sale or a remote event.  If your business is mobile by nature, you’ll no longer be limited by cash-only sales using I Love Velvet’s Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions for Enterprise Retailers.

  • Enjoy a scalable, cost-effective mobile payment solution compatible with Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini
  • Maintain mobile point-of-sale-system security with end-to-end and SAM encryption
  • Enjoy mobile retail tracking and reporting tools with I Love Velvet’s – Velvet Cloud backend

Enjoy better customer service, increased revenue, security and enhanced reporting capabilities. Complete the sale in the palm of your hand – wherever, whenever.

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