Barcode Reader designed for Apple and Samsung Devices

Barcode Reader will help you in your logistical & storage tasks

Barcode reader for Apple and Samsung Devices Barcode reader for Apple and Samsung Devices

Barcode Reader is the new product from ILV

What is ILV

I Love Velvet is at the forefront of the MPOS industry. I Love Velvet is the industry’s only mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) company wholly committed to providing enterprise-grade MPOS solutions to the retail, restaurant and entertainment industries.


Barcode Reader and our other products are Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions for Enterprise Retailers, Powered by Apple (iPod / iPad / iPad mini / iPhone), Android (Samsung), Windows Tablet (Surface Pro), Ultra mobility (Stores, Outdoors), Custom software.

Barcode Reader

Barcode reader L Scan 100 is an ergonomic barcode scan gun with a very good grip and it is very robust. It has a good durability and it is usable in various applications where barcode systems should be used, including logistical and industrial environments such as distribution centers or warehouses.

Barocde reader is designed for Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone and Apple iPod touch.

The Velvet L-Scan100 Barcode Reader comes in two models : 1D and 2D
The Barcode Reader L-Scan100 is multitasking. It allows you to scan barcodes un a simple, fast and efficient way.

For more information Barcode Reader

You can learn all about this product : Barcode Reader

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