Barcode Scanner – L Scan for Android and iOS Devices

Barcode Scanner makes your logistical management systems easier !

Barcode Scanner is the lastest product in the range of I LOVE VELVET


I Love Velvet is a global provider of hardware and software for mobile point of sale (mPOS) transactions and value-added retail services. I Love Velvet manufactures and sells merchant-operated, consumer-facing and self-service mPOS systems to the entertainment, retail, hospitality, and automotive industries.

Barcode Scanner and all I Love Velvet products are The Ultimate Combination of Hardware and Software.
A comprehensive, end-to-end hardware and software solution that goes beyond simple mobile payments, I Love Velvet’s mPOS systems provide customers with the most integration, flexibility, compatibility with business processes and global security certification

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner L Scan100 is an integrated solution designed for the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch & Samsung Galaxy devices.

The Barcode Scanner L Scan is very sturdy and fashionable. It is an ergonomic equipment and very easy to handle. This barcode scanner gun can be used in many applications where barcode systems are used. Such as warehouses or distributions centers or many industrial and logistical environments. Its durability is an added advantage.

The Velvet Barcode Scanner is available in 1D model and 2D model.

Barcode Scanner L Scan allows multitasking by enabling you to scan barcodes with great simplicity and efficiency.

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For more information about this product : Barcode Scanner

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