ILV Holster for the Apple iPad® & Apple iPad Air®

The iPad alone is brilliant add an ILV Holster and it just gets so much better

“…the world’s most advanced mobile operating system meets the world’s most advanced enterprise mobile point-of-sales solution…”

iPad 4 Lightning Connector mobile point of sales

“…now compatible with the Apple’s Lightning Connector on the iPad4 …”

now compatible with the Apple's Lightning Connector on the iPad4

MCU ARM-based 32-bits MCU (secure cryptographic IC) Compliant EMV L1, Visa PED, APACS, ZKA, Common criteria (EAL4+), FINREAD
Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) Track 1, 2 & 3 Bi-directional swipe
Smart card reader 1 user card slot model EMV compliant
SAM Socket 6 PIN, 1 socket
PiN Pad 13 keys, Capacitive matrix
LCD screen Pixel 128 x 64, Size 41.9″ x 28″
Contactless Reader ISO 14443 TYPE A / TYPE B and ISO 15693 Support Felica system – Desfire / Ultralight C
Barcode Reader 2D CMOS imager optimized for the U-Holster (reading interval less than 1 second).
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 3.7V/ 1330 mAh
Battery Life 10,000+ 2D scans and swipe on full charge Offer more than 12h intensive usage
Dimensions (L x H x W) 10.637″ x 1.524″ x 7.509″
Weight (lb.) of the sled 0.38
Weight (lb.) of the sled and brain 0.78
Special feature “Over-The-Air” firmware updates
Certification EMV4.3 Level 1&2

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