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Try the I Love Velvet Mobile POS Solution free for 30 days!!!

“…iPad Point of Sale that’s simple, smarter, and complete…”

ILV Point of Sale (POS)

Access Sales Data Anytime, Anywhere

Velvet Cloud allows you to login from any device or PC that is internet enabled to access and run sales data anytime from anywhere.

Accept Multiple Payments (i.e. Cash, Credit Cards, Chip & Pin Credit Cards and NFC payments)

Our fully integrated end-to-end credit card encrypted solution provides secure protection enables retailers to accept cash payments, credit cards (including chip & pin credit cards)

Print or email receipts

Our system enables you give your customers the option for printed receipts or you can start your green initiative by offering receipts by email.

Don’t lose mobility just because you need a stand

Our system enables you to stand behind a register and accept cash payments like in a traditional point of sales system but it also gives you the convenience of using your iPad without the stand by simply pulling the ipad and sled off the stand…

We’ve partnered with multiple payment gateways to make it easy for you to get started and begin ringing up sales. Give us a call at +1.646.699.7865 to learn more.

We work with all major credit card processors and their affiliates. Give us a call at +1.646.699.7865 to learn more.

What You Get In Your Trial

  • ILV mPOS Hardware for 1 month
  • Access to Velvet Cloud & Velvet Store
  • LIVE Technical Support

  • Access to accept multiple forms of payment
  • And you OWN the equipment after 3 years.

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