Velvet Store

Reinventing mPOS from the App up

“…the most advanced mobile payment application…”


“…Did you want a Loyalty Card Program?…”


One of the biggest benefits of a loyalty program is that your staff will be able to identify the customer by swipe, or useRFID/NFC enabled loyalty card. Velvet Store enables your sales staff to address the customer by name and also view the customer profile in terms of sales history and other details. Velvet Store provides further information to staff which will assist them to provide a personalized service to the customer including opportunities to up sell and cross sell related products.

“…How well do your really know your customers?…”


Velvet Central allows you to create and maintain a virtual client book of all your customers and easily accessible to all your sales associates instantly.

“…More than just your ordinary mPOS app…”



Velvet Store also addresses the problem of sales staff just standing around during down times. Velvet Store has a fully customizable E-Learning module, which can easily be customized and updated via Velvet Cloud.

Velvet Store can easily be customizable for your needs, for more information about Velvet Store please email us at [email protected].

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Velvet Store

Offers The Ability To:

Velvet StorePerform Inventory Look-ups

Find out what’s in stock, and what’s on order for any product.

Velvet StoreAdd or Create Customers

Select an existing Customer, or create a new one, right from your smart device.

Velvet StoreScan Products

Scan UPC barcodes or barcodes generated.

Velvet Store Process Any Credit Card Payments

Swipe credit cards  or take chip and pin credit cards with the I Love Velvet mobile point-of-sale  and process on supported credit card gateways.

Velvet StoreAccept Signatures On-screen

Once a payment is processed, customers can sign on-screen with a finger.

Velvet Store Print or Email Receipts

Receipts are emailed instantly, and can be re-sent to additional addresses or print a hard copy.

Velvet Store Accept RFID and NFC payments.

Accept RFID and/or NFC payments with the I Love Velvet mobile point-of-sale  and process on supported credit card gateways.

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