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Velvet Cloud the only way to manage your retail environment in the cloud

“…truly manage your business from anywhere…”

Velvet Central - CRM

Customizable Reporting

With Velvet Cloud, it’s easy to create view, print, forward and publish multiple customized reports. Generate cross-departmental reports such as transactions, accounting, CRM, HR and much more according to your business needs. Export them in multiple formats such as Excel, PDF and HTML.

Inventory Management

Utilize our sophisticated supply chain management software and track assets safely and securely through your Apple iDevice. Enjoy real-time visibility into your entire product inventory in multiple or individual stores. Velvet Cloud constantly track orders, back orders and inventory information which is updated in real time.

Offer and Discount Management

Create multi-level promotions, subscription renewals, upgrades, coupons and other CRM programs. Velvet Cloud increases customer loyalty!

Loyalty Program

Boost your business by using customizable Velvet Cloud CRM programs. Incentivize your customers to buy more and spend more with each visit, earn rewards and redeem for valuable offers in order to increase repeat visits.

Real time access to your data anywhere, anytime

With Velvet Cloud you will be able to manage your business product catalog, store, sales, stock, customers, promotions, security roles, and configuration from any pc on your network or ours  via our SaaS cloud based solution.

Multi-location Support

With Velvet Cloud you have the ability to manage one location or multiple locations around the world, manageability becomes easier, faster and more effective. Manage the devices across different store locations remotely and safely.

Browser Support

Velvet Cloud allows you, your employees and customers to log in safely and securely through their preferred bowser from multiple platforms.

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency

Velvet Cloud supports multi-language and multi-currencies for every customer so they may choose their own language or currency and will be able to work simultaneously with other users profiles. Expend your customer base to any part of the world.


Get started today! – Velvet Cloud is easy to use, customize, and start making your business “Seamless, Sexy and Secure!”  If you are interested in seeing a demo of Velvet Cloud please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Velvet Cloud

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